5 Tips To Have A Healthy Lawn In Murfreesboro During Spring.


The time to enjoy your lawn is here, and we have our 5 tips to have a healthy Lawn in Murfreesboro.

1-Make sure you rake or blow the leaves: 

We all love giant oaks that provide shade during most of the year, but like many other deciduous trees, oaks do not shed their leaves all at once, they start during fall like many others, but keep dropping leaves until April. There is a myth that mulching these leaves is beneficial for your grass, and it can be, but not all the time. An excess of leaves on the ground with the early spring weather makes the leaves heavy and wet causing them stick to the ground, and not allowing the grass seeds to germinate or the dormant grass to come back. We strongly recommend raking or blowing the leaves out of the grass and mulch beds. If you want to make compost, designate one area or corner to do it. If you want to know more about this click on: https://cliplawncaretn.com/request-service/

2-Kill the weeds:

Late winter and early spring are the best time to start a lawn treatment, not only because Bermuda grass is dormant (Tall Fescue Grass will be green and growing), but you’ll also be able to identify the weeds and most lawn treatments, natural or non-natural, have better results on young weeds. We recommend you contact a lawn care company to ask about their lawn treatment programs and find the one that fits your budget and your lawn requirements best. To know more about CLIP Lawn Care TN’s “Lawn Treatments” click here: https://cliplawncaretn.com/services/standard-lawn-treatment/

3-Make it Green Now: 

If you currently have Bermuda grass, weeds and Crabgrass, and you cannot wait until May to enjoy your yard, you can over seed now with Tall Fescue, it only takes a couple weeks to germinate, and because of the chilly weather, watering the grass is easy and a lot faster than during the hot season. When your Tall Fescue grows, you can give it a boost with a nice fertilizer, and the best part is, if the heat and Bermuda grass suffocate the Tall Fescue during summer, most of it will come back around October. We have created a very successful program we call “Lawn Renovation.” To know more about it just click here https://cliplawncaretn.com/request-service/ and mention “Lawn Renovation.”

4-Mow at the right height:

We know that the “Boro” folk love to mow their grass short enough to see the ants working, but what is best for your yard is far from that, about 3” far. If what you don’t like is the “weeds popping out” we recommend you start a lawn treatment ASAP. In reality mowing too short is not good for your yard or the soil. Studies have shown that mowing the turf between 3” and 4” promotes deeper root systems in the grass, reducing the amount of water needed during drought. That same grass height will shade the ground preventing weed seeds from sprouting easily. Also, soil erosion is present more often in shorter mowed grass, deeper root system helps to prevent this naturally occurring process.

5-Mow once a week:

If your grass is ready to be mowed, don’t waste any time. Ideally, we should be mowing no more than 1/3 of the grass blade, we know that you want to save money and/or time, but by not mowing once a week you risk a disease attacking your turf. You can also kill your grass if you mow too often. Did you know that our average customer in Murfreesboro pays $24 per visit per week? We offer a $20 First Cut* for you to try our services, click here https://cliplawncaretn.com/contact/ and book your visit.

By following this easy 5 tips you’ll probably have a healthy grass in Murfreesboro.