Lawn maintenance doesn’t end when the winter hits. Most of your plants still need some protection from winter freezes, and you can give them a boost by laying down mulch. The mulch helps protect the roots of plants and keeps them from freezing before the weather cools down. It also lets off heat as it decomposes. The decomposition will leave your plants with lots of good plant food when spring rolls around.

In Murfreesboro, it may not get too cold, but we do get hard freezes so you do still need some protection for your plants.

Sometimes you think that mulching should only be done in certain seasons, but it’s not completely true. Mulch actually helps insulate the ground and warm up the ground during the winter time. During the Spring/Summer seasons, it helps retain moisture near the plants. Plus it makes your garden beds look great all year!

The roots of the plants need to be carefully protected! Mulch covers the roots up and protects them from the cold. A hard freeze can kill your plants if they are not protected on the weeks when the weather changes quickly.

Lifehacker has some very interesting thoughts about mulching during winter time as well.