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Aeration and Overseeding

Lawn Aeration

Murfreesboro lawns often times are made up of tall fescue or Bermuda grass. The hot Summers we get in Middle Tennessee tend to thin out that type of grass and foot traffic and tree roots will compact it. Lawn aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs or cores out of the lawn to reduce the compaction of your lawn. Over time, the soil in your yard becomes compacted, preventing the optimal growth of your lawn. Core aeration benefits your lawn by:

  • Increasing the activity of soil microorganisms that decompose thatch
  • Increasing water, nutrients, and oxygen movement into the soil
  • Improving the root system
  • Enhancing the infiltration of rainfall or irrigation
  • Helping to prevent fertilizer and pesticide run-off from overly compacted areas


It is also recommended to overseed your lawn at the same time that aeration is performed. Overseeding is an important service for lawns because it helps maintain a thick lawn and revive the bare spots those hot TN Summers can cause. When overseeding is performed at the same time as aeration, the seeds have a greater chance of germinating and growing because of increased contact with the soil.

We also offer high nutrients soil dressing. A soil with more nutrients increases the chances of germinated grass seeds.

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